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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hey there! My name's Jacob and in my normal life I run a little language school in Prague, Czech Republic where we teach English to Czech businesses. 

In March 2022, after 8 years of teaching English and 5 years learning Czech, I decided to try and teach myself other languages, taking advantage of my experience with English and Czech to attempt to teach myself as efficiently as possible, with a clear, start-to-finish plan that gets straight to the stuff you need most often for everyday conversation, and leaves the "basic-but-not-often-used" things like fruits and colours for another day.

In order to make it a bit more interested, I decided to do this project publicly through this website and YouTube, and hopefully some of you will find it useful to follow me along on my Spanish learning journey.

The plan is to start with Spanish, and after a few years try French, then German. Just because I think it sounds hot to speak five languages and I'd like to have a girlfriend one day.

Really hope you enjoy the journey!

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