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Start Here!

An always-up-to-date post to help you keep track of the journey so far!

Hey there! Welcome to Jacob Learns Spanish!

I'm Jacob, an English teacher originally from England, and in March 2022 I woke up one day and decided to learn Spanish, using everything I've learnt from ten years of teaching English (as well as five years teaching myself Czech) to try and get to conversational Spanish as fast as possible.

Essential Spanish

Essential Spanish is all the Spanish grammar you need to know to be able to talk, organised in the order I think makes most sense to learn it. This list will be kept up to date so you can follow along and learn the same things I'm learning:

  1. Ser [to be, permanent]

  2. Estar [to be, temporary]

  3. Ser vs Estar

Little Spanish Things

Little Spanish Things is a list of constructions and little topics that are used every day in normal life, but often wouldn't be found in a grammar book.

  1. Yo estaba como [I was like]

Interesting Spanish Words

Interesting Spanish Words is a collection of words that fulfil two basic conditions: they are used all the freaking time, and they are super freaking hard for our English brains to understand. They're a bitch to learn but man do they pay off once you get them!

  1. Seguir [to keep doing, to still be, to follow]


Remember you can learn all this stuff along with me on our YouTube channel, then hear me trying to put it all into practice on our podcast!

You can also download our Spanish Grammar Leaflet totes for free, which simplifies Spanish grammar into easy to find boxes.

Hope you all have a great rest of the day, and I'll see you in the next one!


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