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Ep. 2 - Jacob, vales verga!

In episode 2 of the Jacob Learns Spanish Podcast , Jacob and Lissette discuss plantains, we learn a bit more Spanish swearing, and we learn how to say "I can tell" in Spanish!

In case you're here for the first time and wondering what is going on, Jacob Learns Spanish is my challenge to myself to get to conversational Spanish as fast as possible, by using what I've learnt from over 10 years of teaching English plus also teaching myself Czech. The aim is to focus on the things most frequently used every day and have a laugh while doing so.

You can learn everything I'm learning on our YouTube Channel, and then listen to the podcast to hear me trying to put what I've learnt into practice. Hopefully by listening along you'll learn a bunch too, and maybe even have a laugh every now and again!

Remember you can download our grammar summary leaflet to have a quick reference guide to all the grammar I'm attempting to use in this episode!

In This Episode

In this episode we learn how to say "I can tell" in Spanish, as well as how to say "supposed to", "do you mind if I..." and a bunch of other useful phrases. Because it's Lissette we also learn some very vulgar swearing.

“Jacob, vales verga!”

And, as always, I also ask lots of questions about how things work that I hope you find useful!

Learn The Words From This Episode

After each episode, we put all the words and phrases that I learnt into this free google sheet which you can find here.

In addition to putting the translations in there, we also put an example sentence in Spanish, with the associated English translation so you can see how it's used! It's a bit basic but at least you'll have all the words from each episode in one place that you can copy and paste wherever you like.

Listen On Apple Podcasts & Spotify

You can find the Jacob Learns Spanish Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and any other podcasting app. We'd deeply appreciate some stars if you enjoy it!


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